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The Ultimate Survival Library!

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Here's just a sample of the combat and survival manuals you'll have instant online access to right now:

Survival Manuals
Learn to survive and thrive in any environment. Our Survival volume leaves nothing out.

Combat Manauls
Learn military precision and become deadly accurate!

Self Defense Manuals
Learn Special Forces tactics and dominate threats.

World War Survival Manuals
Learn military warfare survival tactics.

First Aid Manuals
Learn first aid first. Our huge first aid volume is included for you!

Drastically improve your self defense skills with military developed techniques.


•Survival Series:
o Map Reading and Land Navigation Course
o Adverse Weather Survival Course
o Summer Survival Course
o Wilderness Survival Course
o Evasion and Survival Course
o Basic Food Storage Plan For One Year
o MREs Meals Ready to Eat FAQs
o Food Preparation Course
o Water Supply Locating Course
o Preservation of Foods Course
o Shelter and Camp Making Course
o Sheltering in Place Course
o Above-ground Home Fallout Shelter Course
o Below-ground Home Fallout Shelter Course
o Radiation Safety Course
o Recovery From Nuclear Attack Course

• Weapons Series:
o Use them effectively, if you have them.
o Build your own, if you don't!
o Protect yourself against people with them.
o Basic defense
o Long Range Uses
o Develop Safe Handling Skills
o Maintaining and proper storage
o And many many more...

•Special Forces Series:
o Guerrilla Warfare & Special Ops
o Special Forces Handbook
o Counter guerrilla Operations
o Ranger Unit Operations
o Evasion and Survival
o Recon and Surveillance Support
o Weapon Training for Spec Ops
o Operations Security
o Combative Hand to Hand
o Ranger Unit Operations
o Shelter and Camp Making
o Pathfinder Operations
o Navy Seal Patrol Leader's Handbook

•Combat Series:
o Personal Fitness Training Plan
o Peak from Nutrition & Exercise
o Combat Stress Guide
o Soldier's Common Tasks Warrior Skills
o Tactical Combat
o Own the Night Unit Night Fighter Guide
o How to Kill Tanks
o Physical Readiness Combat Training
o Tactical Level Logistics
o Training for Urban Operations
o Combat in Built up Areas
o Soldier Health Maintenance
o Sniper Marksmanship

•Command Leadership Series:
o Command Policy
o Decisive Force In Theater of Ops
o Joint Force Land Component Command
o Military Leadership
o Military Operations
o Operational Terms & Graphics
o Operations in Low Intensity Conflict
o Peace Operations
o Preparing & Managing Correspondence
o Public Affairs Operations
o Risk Management
o The Universal Task List
o How to Conduct Military Training
o Military Leadership
o Decision Making & Problem Solving
o Effective Communication
o Emergency Management
o Leadership and Influence

•First Aid Series:
o First Aid For Soldiers Guide
o Special Forces Medical Guide
o Poisonous Snakebite Treatment Guide
o Body Airway Obstruction Guide
o Cardio Resuscitation CPR Guide
o Taking Vital Signs Guide
o Treating Fractures in the Field
o Casualty & Wound Care Emergency Surgery
o Obstetric & Newborn Care
o Storage and Sanitation
o Preventive Medicine

•Construction Series:
o Plumbing 101
o Construction 101
o Home Fortifications Guide
o Chemistry Guide
o Mathematics Course
o HVAC Course
o Water Supply
o Sewage How to
o Land Surveying
o Carpentry Guide
o Structural Engineering

What Can You Do With
The Ultimate Survival Library?

• Use either on a PC or MAC - really any device that can open PDF files - and take it with you so wherever you are you can develop your skills.

• Instantly download and print out each training manual to give yourself a hard copy back up.

• Learn the precision shooting secrets of world class military snipers.

• Quickly learn basic to advanced marksmanship techniques and drastically increase your accuracy and groupings.

• Learn the effective team leadership skills you’ll need to be a successful leader.

• Easily learn proper tactical techniques and become devastatingly effective at clearing buildings room by room and urban operations.

• Create your very own custom training program and schedule and do what you want.

• Painlessly learn advanced Special Forces Tactics and see if you have what it takes to make the cut.

• Get into the best shape of your life quickly with gut flattening hardcore workouts.

• Easily develop mass utilizing the diet and exercise plans that’ll get you sore but still begging for more.

• Learn the most devastating and straightforward self defense system available and destroy attackers with little effort.

• Effortlessly master the punishing hand to hand combat secrets of the military’s elite shadow warriors.

• Learn to defend the vital points on your body, as well as learn to attack your opponents vital points and instantly neutralize them.

• Learn the secrets to create impenetrable and deadly security methods and protect your home and loved ones from danger.

• Get peace of mind knowing you can completely focus on developing your skills because you’ll have the same training programs as elite soldiers.

• Have a RISK-FREE purchase, because The Ultimate Survival Library is covered by our 90 day Satisfaction Guarantee.

• Have a worry free download with no threat of malware, adware or a virus taking over your computer in a few weeks and wiping it out.

• With The Ultimate Survival Library you can say goodbye to "what looks good and might work", so-called experts and questionable survival training, and finally have all the survival secrets the military has developed at your fingertips!

• Even if you have no desire to dominate all threats, destroy attackers instantly or develop super soldier capabilities, you can gain a ton of valuable information that may one day save your life.

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The difference is The Ultimate Survival Library is the only survival product prepared by the US Military!

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   The survival skills, survival methods and survival techniques in The Ultimate Survival Library are the real deal! They are direct from the military and nothing has been replaced by "Hollywood" junk, edited or water-downed.

   The Ultimate Survival Library is completely organized and in depth. This is a massive collection of PDF eBooks that you can read, you can print and you can use immediately and easily on any computer, e-reader or tablet! No special software needed.

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Bonus Survival Manuals

Free Updates

Free Lifetime Updates

  The Ultimate Survival Library is a massive, relevant and easy to use how to survive anything resource library already. But, just in case...

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With The Ultimate Survival Library you'll not only have the greatest survival library automatically updated for you for free and forever, but you'll also get...

Super Bonus Survival Manuals

Banned Book Collection


This SUPER BONUS is what I call the Banned Book Collection. I'll be honest this collection of banned content makes me a bit nervous. It's that intense, so get it while you can before I lose my nerve!

100% Money Back Guarantee

Special Bonus Survival Manuals

Doomsday Prepper

The Ultimate Prepper’s Survival Handbook

This SPECIAL BONUS is exactly what you need to know to become an expert prepper and be ready at a moment’s notice if things start to go downhill fast.

Nothing is held back. I’ve given you some of the most powerful and effective survival strategies out there… And most importantly, this is a zero-fluff guide that is specific to your prepping needs!


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The Ultimate Survival Library is really my way of giving you the key to prepare intelligently and effectively without breaking the bank. Trust me, it's in my interest to get people who know what their doing on my side if the sh*t hits the fan!

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Survival Manuals
Survival Manuals Online

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P.S. I hope you decide to let The Ultimate Survival Library work for you. Because these skills, techniques and tactics, are written by true survival experts, and aren't water-downed Hollywood fiction. You'll be able to survive and thrive in any situation that you may face in the future with real confidence knowing you have the very best survival training available.

P.P.S. Remember The Ultimate Survival Library can be banned at any moment. Get it while it's still 100% legal to own. Once this incredible resource is banned... It'll be gone forever! So get it now!

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